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AirCon Servicing, Repair & Fumigation

Air conditioning systems are very convenient and generally quite reliable. The main complaint of a problem will generally be either 'No cool air', 'Not enough cool air' or 'Funny Smell'. If your AirCon system doesn't seem to be working quite right, or to avoid any expensive bills then make sure you get your system checked, in accordance with your vehicle's handbook.

AirCon Service

The AirCon service is a rigorous one. The system is placed under vacuum to totally remove the refrigerant and any residual moisture. When we replace the refrigerant we also add an ultraviolet dye into the system, to allow for detection of leaks. We can also replace your car's pollen filter at the same time.

  • An AirCon Gas Top-up costs just £50 plus VAT;
  • An AirCon Service and full re-gas is £69.99 plus VAT; and
  • An AirCon Service with full re-gas and Pollen Filter replacement costs £89.99  plus VAT

AirCon Repair

  • Is your air conditioning not as cold as it has been?
  • Has it suddenly stopped blowing cold altogether?

Bring in your car and we can have a look at it. It may be a simple gas leak, in which case we can track down the leak using a dye and rectify the leak whilst giving your car an AirCon Service.

AirCon Smells

Funny smells from AirCon units can become very unpleasant. Normally the nose becomes used to a bad smell after a while, and embarrassingly it is the other people who jump into your car who notice the unpleasant smell which you have grown used to. The smells are due to bacterial growth in the condensed water, and fungal growths near the unit. The moist warm conditions of AirCon systems are ideal for such growth. So if you have:

  • Lingering smells?
  • Too many reminders of the car's previous owner?
  • Trying to sell your car?
  • Perhaps you just want to be hygienic?

Then book you car in for a Hygiene De-odourising and Fumigation. This will disinfect your air conditioning system and all internal vents and ducting, killing any bacteria and fungal blooms. You car is returned to you in a safe condition with a pleasant aroma.  

  • An AirCon Service with full re-gas and Hygiene De-odourising and Fumigation costs £89.99 plus VAT
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